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 HHS Class of '72

Craig Rich
Who am I?

Yep, that's me. I'm sort of a chameleon, I guess. Whatever the occasion calls for!

I've been married to Vickie since 1975 and we have two daughters -- Allison and Catherine. Allison is teacher in Florida and Catherine is an art student.

 Taking the tiller on the d'Haem's sailboat

 Wearing a survival suit during the search for Northwest Airlines Flight 2501

   Fancy, Schmancy!  

Jimmy Buffett concert, with Allison in 2002.


A little history...

I am a 37-year veteran Great Lakes master diver, and shipwreck researcher. For nearly two decades, I have been on a mission to research and document the known shipwrecks off West Michigan.

I am a former radio deejay, and have provided professional narration and voice work for video productions as well as radio and TV commercials. I also am a regular speaker to local groups and historical societies on the subjects of scuba diving and shipwrecks.

I created the MSRA web page which grew from my personal research into shipwrecks such as the Chicora, Ironsides, Alpena, Andaste and Northwest Flight 2501.

My current project is a book detailing the stories of every shipwreck lost off the shores of Ottawa County, Michigan. Entitled For Those In peril: Shipwrecks of Ottawa County, Michigan, the book will be published in 2009. If you're interested in buying a copy, they'll probably be priced around $13.99. Let me know and I'll keep you posted!

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