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Craig Rich

1986 BMW 325es


Well, my oldest daughter's first car (Ford Tempo) died unexpectedly one day in 2000, forcing us onto the car lots looking for a replacement. We found a bright red 1986 BMW 325es in fairly good shape and I bought it for her. That was in 2000. A year later, after only being allowed to drive it every now and then, and with her (and the car) heading off to college in the fall, I spotted an identical car for sale. This one was in much better shape and about twice as expensive.

Needless to say, I bought it. It's a great little car. It had over 160,000 miles1986 BMW 325es on it -- just broken in nicely for a BMW E30 series car. Now it has over 270,000 miles and is still running strong.

I'm getting 25 mpg combined city and highway driving and I love driving it. I find that not having a car payment is a wonderful thing. Who cares if I have to put a few hundred into it every now and then. At least I'm not throwing away $500 a month on a lease payment! Plus, I'm driving a Bimmer. How cool is that?

1986 BMW 325esAs with any older car, it takes a little TLC -- not to mention money to keep it running smoothly and keep it looking great. People are always amazed that it's a 1986 model.



Early in 2004 I sold my daughter's 325 since I helped her buy a newer Pontiac. The new owner promptly totaled it within six months.  Oh well....

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Last updated on 15 May 2012 by Craig R. Rich